Saturday, January 31, 2009

Love - for real

The day has ended and its time to sleep. She is drained and defeated in her war against herself. But, her last thoughts of the day still reach out to him. Just before she sleeps, there is a small, short prayer that she says in her head... every night...

"I hope you are fine and if you are not, then I hope you will be fine soon. May god bless you. Amen!"

And as she closes here eyes, tears welling up in them, she doesn’t forget to remind herself - "I love him, he loves me not… I love him, he loves me not … I love him… “

…and the worthless drop of saline water starts it never ending journey once again, just like the last night, carrying a prayer that doesn’t reach anywhere, the one that is never answered, but the one that doesn’t dry up like its carrier.

Love - it is
For real - very much

Help Me Fall - By Mark Wills

I've been trying not to love you
I've been putting up a fight
I've been barely holding on
And letting go with all my might
There's a part of me that's empty
I know only love can fill
I'm afraid I'll never find it
And I'm scared to death I will

Help me fall
Help me fall
If you care for me at all
Help me fall
Help me fall

I've been holding conversations
When I haven't said a word
I've been speaking with my silence
And praying that you heard

I'm a walking contradiction
I'd hate to be my heart
It keeps trying not to love you
But it don't know where to start

Help me fall
Help me fall
If you care for me at all
Help me fall
Help me fall

I've been trying not to love you
I've been putting up a fight
I've been barely holding on
Letting go with all my might

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Everyday, Every now and then, every new or old path that I take... I always find these random, hilarious and bizarre sign boards. Most of the times while travelling, especially when I am not driving, reading these sign boards becomes a great source of entertainment. So while I was pondering over what to post on my blog this time, I thought it surely won’t hurt putting it up here and making some of you laugh - though I am guessing everyone will.

- Go soft on my curves
Urmmm!!! Uh!! Urrrr!!! Ok - if you say so!! ….
Now Now Now – just before you let your brain run here and there, I must tell you that it was just a sign board on my way uphill to Dalhousie.

- Outerwear
A brand for winter wear jackets... OMG! OMG! OMG!… thanks for explicitly mentioning it on the OUTER COLLAR of the jacket, cuz otherwise, people would use the jackets as their undies… I must say- great public service!!!

- Fast passenger
But if the passenger is FAST, then why is he boarding the bus... which by the way was hardly moving

- Hard Nipples AC Service
The name guarantees the service, doesn’t it!!!

- Khul Ja Sim Sim
Now this one is surely witty… placed outside an ATM door… absolutely hilllllllarious…isn’t it?

- Dawakhana aaj khulega nahin kyonki aaj band hai
This means that the medical store will not open today because it’s closed today.
Hmmmmmm.... I don’t know what to say to this one!!!

- Yahaan Bhayankar Thandi beer milti hai
Oooooh!!! Dangerously cold beer ahaaan!!! I am definitely scared...

- DANGEROUS: Not to swim
Ah thank god, I know swimming... Do you?

- Pata poochne ke 5 rupaye, aur pate par pahuchane ke 10
Considering this board is so old, this guy must be a millionaire by now. Good business sense and so very inspiring… I think I am also gonna be a living address guide soon!!! LOLz

Also, more often than not, the painters who are given the contract to paint these boards are not educated enough, sometimes not even educated. They end up screwing the spellings and creating a masterpiece just for the pleasure of our eyes.... it’s not just amusing but also pretty exciting to know that ignorance can contribute so much to the entertainment industry!!! Here’s some for your unpaid and tax free entertainment.

- Please be saaf
SAAF!!! Uh oh!!! How did they know that I dint take a bath today??? (Saaf means clean)

- Available for Rant
Oh good, now I have one more profession to fall back on in case I am shown the pink slip...YAYEEEE!!!

- Denjar
Den what jar?? Oh you mean Danger!!! Nice drawing by the way

And my all-time favorite, the winner of all contests is.........

Though it was referring to a speed breaker ahead - but it surely is the only place where most people would not mind slowing down for a "HUMP"... No?

Have you come across one of these lately??? Yes? So what are you waiting for, lemme know, I can really do with some laughter you know :-D

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Days of our Lives

I strongly believe that the days that form our life, are just like our whole life is. It doesn’t always turn out to be the way it starts and neither does it turn out to be what we expect it to be.

Sometimes its not what you wanted but what you get is far better, while other times you want something so desperately that you do anything and everything to acquire it... and yet, all you get is nothing.

Like ever year, this year also my birthday began with a bang. I had actually forgotten that it’s my birthday cuz I was too tired and dazed (thanks to work).

Mom and dad acted like they had slept off and then suddenly they came to my room with a cake and my gifts - a pair of quilted look ballerinas, funky shades and well a special kind of mouth freshener. It was very more than special cuz though they forgot that I do not like cakes - and most of all a pineapple cake - they remembered everything I had checked out in various stores, things that I loved, but still did not buy them cuz I was majorly short on cash in December. You see, I had to save whatever I had for tax declarations - DUH!!!

I really wish it had been that way for the rest of the day. It wasn’t. Flee called, Sis called... and just when I had given up hope - cursing my stupid, fancy, useless, non-ringing mobile – it started blinking and it said “Tarzan Calling” (that’s a nick for one of my friends. Teeheehee)

However, both of my best, closest and oldest friends did not call. I felt sad and I was disappointed. I realized I am too used to being the princess on that day every year and that I wasn’t anymore. I realized that I loved the attention it brought and that I am not in that attention span any more.

I know I know I know – I am not a superstar, but do I really need to be that for people close to me to remember and wish me on my birthday???

It felt like I had lost a lot but never accepted it till it was right there in my face.

It just din feel the same. Well, I am not sad, cuz I know there are people who do care, just that it did not feel the same without the wishes from people who have always been there and have never forgotten, wishing me year after year without fail, following the stupid rituals that I looked forward to every year, despite the fact that I knew what it would be.

But this year, it did not happen. It was not the same. My birthday was suddenly - JUST ANOTHER DAY.

However, Flee, Venky and Tarzan ensured that it wouldn’t become exactly that for me... THANKS A ZILLION TONS ... Really, with all my heart!!!

Flee got me a pair of awesome looking brown suede leather gather look boots, a cute little Christmas hanging and flowers delivered to my house. And she kept wishing me after every 2-3 hours, all through the day... thanks girl, meant a lot.

Tarzan gave me a classy Pierre Cardin watch - now he’s crazy to do that but m not complaining. I simply love the classy thing that it is - formal yet absolutely stylish. THANK YOU :-D … Oh! And how can I forget the south cotton jacket that you sent. AWESOME :-)

Venky, thanks for the cutest and the most adorable greeting card that I have ever received in my life. I promise publicly that you WILL get your ice-cream :P … I know I was bugging you with my list and all that, but I really did not expect you to be sending it all the way here. It was a GOOOOOOOOD surprise and I simply loved it :-)

I got my birthday wishes - warm, cold, formal, fun, loving, fake - all sorts … and at the end of the day, it made me wonder how just one year can change so many things and so many people.

Funny… isn’t it??? Just One Year and Just another day in it!!!

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