Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Men Uff! - I

Till date I haven’t been able to fathom why a single woman who is not dependent on anyone and can take care of herself and is ok with it and has a mind and thought of her own... is open minded and has the cant care less attitude... What is so wrong with her??? Why is it that men think that she is so called "AVAILABLE" for everything but not "Marriage Material" - whatever that term means!!! And if that term really does exist, most men would by default be exactly "THAT" Just to spell it out LOUD for the ignorant breed of men... here are some misconceptions guys should NOT have.

Because a girl smiled at you does not mean that she's drooling at you or wants you etc... Only if you could rise above the man ego and use some of your grey cells which you tend to be so uselessly proud of, you may realize that she is actually laughing at the irony of what you are and what you think you are!

A girl without a boyfriend is not always looking for one. She is not trying to get off for god's sake. Some girls really are happily single and loving it!

Just cuz a girl enjoys a drink or a smoke - she is not a lose character. Please get it engraved in your head that a drink or a smoke is not the same as sex. She may enjoy a drink with you cuz she loves her drink. But doesn’t mean she would enjoy "YOU" too. Oh wait! - Maybe if she is drunk enough or passed out - then maybe she wont notice that you actually suck at "IT"!!!

When she says she enjoys her life or likes having fun it does not equate to meaningless sex. FUN is not the same as sex for girls. Ever seen or taken a girl SHOPPING???? Do that to know what fun means for her... might just enlighten your pea size brain.... MIGHT JUST!

Just cuz a girl can crack a joke and enjoy one too, doesn't mean you can make one out of her. And especially cuz she can laugh at a naughty joke doesn’t mean you can get fresh with her... unless of course you think of yourself as a joke, which you anyways probably are.

A friendly coffee doesn’t mean she is "LEADING YOU" ... even if it was her idea. It’s just coffee... she might just be someone who loves conversations and coffee so much that she doesn’t even care about whom is the company! Consider this - that you aren't even important enough...it’s just the coffee.

It doesn’t matter what time of the night it is... if she wants to talk to you, then you are probably nothing more than just a friend... she wants to TALK and TALK does not mean SEX in any dictionary! Oops I forgot - in your dictionary almost everything is synonymous with that! "Ignorance is bliss" was probably coined for your benefit.

She is not "AVAILABLE" cuz she is showing her cleavage or wearing a short skirt. If that logic of clothing applied to men, then each one of you would be so available... Oh but I forgot... YOU ARE!

And last but not the least and certainly the most important - just because she may like you or is probably even in love with you or cares for you... does not mean she is your opportunity at free, no-strings attached sex.

Looks like she cares for you and will take your shit eh?... don’t think so... it’s just in-built in most women to be caring and nice to people they know. But you mess with it and you will get some good shit load of it back. Unless of course you are sissy enough to run away anyways!

GROW UP GUYS... GROW UP... not all women are available.

Infact - unlike your breed, most of us are not, even if we are single!!! Learn to respect women or leave them alone... and if you cant, I must ask your mother "WHAT" she gave birth to!!!

Exceptions are not examples - so the men who are exceptions and do not agree, this ones not for you so no offence to the small community of the nicer ones. And for the ones who are great examples.... well LOSERS is an understatement for you!

And if you reading this you are probably wondering why this sudden rage. Cuz I have been there and seen my real good friends also being treated the same ways by this breed of losers. And there have been times where I felt like cutting off his penis, fry it up in order to serve it to crocodiles awaiting a nice meal.

So all you real woman who love having some fun, when you run in a situation like this and it gets really bad - try the idea above. And if you really want the loser dude to suffer - cut his balls off too while also fantasizing about throwing them in the ocean so sharks can eat them. Just remember in your fantasy to not feed them to a vegan shark! Although I fear the shark also might refuse to eat the garbage!

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