Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Uncle Sam - Here I am!

Well Well Well - US - the land of dreams. Here I come... with no specific dream and still dreaming of a something to change in my life... in a good way. I don know if this land of dreams can really fulfill my dreams cuz they r not about wealth, car, lifestyle or freedom. Nah. But then, I still got a month here and people who call this country the land of dreams must have a reason to do so. So till I am supposed to go back home, lets leave that question unanswered!

Anyway, till now all I have done is worry bout how n what I will do here to survive. Why? Cuz it’s totally opposite what we are. The electric switch goes the opposite way and so does the traffic. The language per say is not an issue but usage is. For example, thank you is a very important word... u reserve it for something huge... but you appreciate it if someone does something for you, even if it’s their job. Which is nice! Very nice I say. It’s nice to get acknowledged isn’t it? Also, problem means something huge. Rest are all issues. And I like that approach too. Cuz issues are really not big. And so, if the small problems in our day to day life become just mere issue... well then all good cuz thrs no PROBLEM...rite...LOL

Here, I have a nice room all to myself.... although its not home and it does get lonely but its a great place still...

The sky from this place is amazing and the moon is so close that it looks like I cud just grab it and hold it in my hands and then keep it all to myself...

It is just SIMPLEY SUPERB to look at it every night, so huge n so beautiful. I can see the craters clearly forming the shadows on its bright white surface. Hmmmmmm.... how pretty...sigh!!!

I am working at the client site here and I have a nice small cubicle, all to myself... I would love to call it my office - only its not...LOL...

- Thats my small lil cozy cube

- And this is the cafe view, I prefer working out of here as its so calm and peaceful. Just a gr8 view while sippin a cup of coffee!

The work culture also is pretty nice here... very different from the way we funtion. Everyone says hello to you. People don’t just walk past you like you are invisible or transparent. My existence is being acknowledged. Now it may seem a superficial thing, but really its not. It’s just the way of life here. It’s respecting the other person’s presence in the room, next to you, in the lift or in the cafe area. But I guess if we start doing that in India, we would die of sayin hello - considering the sheer number of people we would see everyday... NO?

But behold... alls not well here as well. Like some parts of India, the public transport sucks here too. And unlike our cheap autos and rickshaws, the cab here costs a bomb. And I mean a BOMB. LOL. So does food. Imagine having an all Indian, no frills meal for $6, which is like 300 dollars... I mean it’s a lil like - woho--hullo--wts on man!... when u have had that in just Rs. 20 which is like a quarter dollar. A bottle of parachute coconut oil... the small little one... costs a 150 bucks here... OMG!!! The other day I tried to take a bus cuz I can’t yet drive here and I wanted to go shop a little, and no not for stuff but for groceries... I waited for 20 minutes and no bus came. So I walked 2 miles and back. Everyone looked at me like I was a crazy lady either lost or just crazy to be walking in the sun like this... hehehehe...

This weekend... I din do much. Or shud I say that there wasn’t much to do. Except for Saturday evening 4 hours at Sea world. But those four hours, I became a lil kid. Running from one spot to other, trying to catch up with so many things to see and admire - killer sharks, dolphins, white whales, underwater aquarium, penguins, polar bear, flamingos, seals, ghost fish(amazin stuff).

And of all, one thing that gave me a major kick was the fact that I SAW A POLAR BEAR. The cutest thing in the world. Huge and so so so so so so so so sweet n pretty. OK now I sound like a girl in pink frock to myself so m not gonna say pretty again. But really, it was damn cute.

If ppl who are reading this get some time. Go look up Shamu the killer whale on google. Its show was unbelievable and maybe thts y they call it believe. Dolphins were also extremely adorable.

And guess wt... For both these shows I was in the soak zone and these huge creatures splashed water all over. Drenched would be an understatement. But when did a kid ever bother... so nor did I... I was so excited, and it was all worth it. And I have the pass to go back anytime I want for the rest of the year. I don know if I will but it’s just enough thrill to know that I can. Yipeeeeeeeee!!!

Enjoy the pics and the videos... not gr8 quality but well, my memories nevertheless!!!

But I miss home. I miss my family, my friends, my car, my room, everything... and I will be back cuz except work, there is nothing to keep me here. And what is that people don’t want to leave this place is another question that I will leave unanswered....

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