Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Walk to Remember

Jack and Sarah lay in their loungers staring at the sky as the sun started to set leisurely, flooding the warm peach glow of the sky with crimson pink.

The sea gradually began to blanket the beach bit by bit as the sand seemed to vanish beneath the veil of the sparkling aqua waves.

'Aooww!' Sarah let out a delighted shriek

'What?' Jack sat up, anxious and concerned.

'The waves Jack, they are coming up till here!' she smiled with excitement

Jack shifted to Sarah’s lounger as she settled comfortably in his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck and resting her head on his chest. He held her close to his heart as their feet dangled in the water.

'So what do you want to do for dinner tonight?' he asked

'Chinese' she said

'Again!!!' Jack sighed

'Well....' Sarah looked up at him

'Ok Ok. Whatever you say my princess...' Jack smiled

'You are the best...' she said as she placed her head back on his shoulder

The sat their in silence looking at the horizon as the sun rushed out of the vision and vanished into the gigantic stretch of glittering water



'You don realize do you?'

'Realize what?' and she looked up at Jack, smiling at her with a glint of mischief in his eyes. She wondered what he was up to

'You are wearing white today....'

'So?' perplexed, she asked.

'So let’s soak you...' Jack got up swiftly

'No Jack.... Please No…' she shouted as she ran away towards the beach

Jack ran after her

She ran as hard as she could, Jack chasing after her. And before she could even cross over the 100 meter mark, he caught up with her. He held her by her waist and swirled her around before they fell in the sand.

Out of breath and gasping for air, they both lay in the sand laughing, staring at each other’s face.

Jack looked at her and said teasingly 'Honey... we are not done yet'

Jack picked her up in his arms and started walking towards the sea.

'Jack!!!! Nooooooo....... no no no no' Sarah said protesting, yet laughing

Sarah closed her eyes tightly and held on to him as they came closer to the waves. Jack was just about to throw her in the water when he bent forward and planted a kiss on her cheek.

She opened her eyes, beamed at him and said "Oh My God! You missed!”

A wide grin lit up his face. "You little tease!" Jack said as he handed her over to the vivacious waves rushing towards the shore

'Aaoooooo! Gawd I hate you!!!" She exclaimed as she stood up to walk back to the beach

'Really? Ah thank god! Now I have no reason to feel guilty about soaking you. Once more sweetheart?" they both burst out laughing he followed her trail towards the beach.

After walking for a few minutes Jack stopped and called at her back "Sarah..."

She turned around "Yes..."

Jack moved slowly towards her and asked "Have you seen Romeo and Juliet?'

"What? I think so. Why?'

As he moved closer to her, he gently touched both her palms with his own "Let lips do, what hands do, they come together to pray"

She raised her eyebrows and looked at him puzzled

He leaned in as he held her chin, tenderly lifting her face towards his and placed a warm, soft kiss on her delicate cherry glossed lips.

She closed her eyes as her senses exploded in a mesmerizing hurricane of emotions

Jack smiled at her as their lips parted.

He held her hand and silently led her back to their loungers.

"Do you realize?" Jack said as he sat down on his lounger and Sarah settled down next to him.

"Uh oh! Now what?" Sarah stopped and looked at Jack

Jack turned to look at her and said "You are so beautiful... and something else completely. You realize that? “

She looked at him, too stunned to say anything. She smiled and said nothing, burying her head in his shoulder. With teary eyes, Sarah lay their quietly watching the sky, protectively engulfed in the warmth of his arms.

As the moon took over the reign of darkness, her heart was being conquered by peace, making her feel alive, safe… and loved

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