Saturday, October 27, 2007


A friend once mentioned : why do we run from it when pain is such a never ending emotion? I wander the same but I wander if we really can run from it coz its pace is far more than ours could ever be . we might just hide for a few moments in the shades of happiness but the pain always captures us , no matter how hard we try. and thats same for everyone though we might not be able to see through the masked faces of others.

We just seem to very convieniently forgett that our bond with pain was born with us and that its our only lifelong companion. someone who never leaves us lonely . and still we want to desert it , all the time. we still try to run away from it, always. people talk about emotions and sentiments and all about love but never about pain. even though all emotions end in pain. even though its an emotion thats deeply interwoven with our lives. why dont we just accept it, live with it and see if it still hurts ?

Why dont we just relax and stop tiring ourselves when we know that we cant run from it? lets just face it and maybe it wont find us tempting once we stop running away from it. MAYBE. JUST MAYBE...........
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Forgiveness n Love

A lesson life has taught me well is that there is nothing bigger than forgiveness.

Based on what you think is right and what you think is wrong, you think that you will never make a particular kind of mistake and you never forgive people who make that mistake. You don’t even want to hear their side of the story. And then one day, unknowingly, you make the small mistake, which looks like a big sin. Sometime you don’t even make that mistake but the person closest to you misunderstands you and thinks that you have because all circumstances and situation make it look like that you are the culprit, though you are not. And then you want them to listen to your side of the story and expect them understand and to forgive and forget. But they don’t. You have not ten but hundreds of reason to justify yourself, all of them as authentic as your mistake and your plea for forgiveness, but it doesn’t matter. You change and everyone’s perspective about you changes as well. The people, who said they will always be by your side and will love you forever, change. They wont listen to you; they don’t want to understand you anymore. They wont forget. And why should they. After all, there is nothing in this world that can be termed as selfless or unconditional, especially not love.

You give your all to the one you love. You may give your life to a relationship. But it doesn’t matter. An investment of a long period of time in emotions, in love in everything is nil if you make even one single small harmless mistake. Because then, they do not see what you put in and how everything was just perfect, they will see where you went wrong. Not even the one you lived for. Interestingly enough, the principle of “out of sight, out of mind” applies to every special moment you shared, every little happiness you shared, all the small things you did to make the other feel happy, every greeting card you dedicated to him/her, every occasion you celebrated together. But not the same in case of that stupid harmless mistake you made, as small as it may be.

It’s funny how its easy to forgive the people that you don care about, people you don’t love, people who don’t matter to you, people who pretty much don’t exist for you. You don’t need them. But the ones you love, the ones you care for, the ones you need to be there besides you, are the ones you cant forgive. These are the people you need and still you chose not to forgive them and cut them out of your life. The very people who are your pillars of support, are the ones you cant forgive. Though we will never forget them, though we need them, but we still prefer hurting ourselves. They made a mistake and we punish ourselves by separating and inflicting unbearable pain on ourselves.

Why? I am sure no one knows. Neither do I. In fact I’m still trying to figure out why homo sapien is considered to be the most intelligent living creature despite its inability to figure out the basics of a relationship. Even a dog learns to forgive its master every time he/she forgives to give them food, shouts at them to give instructions or even beat them at times; simply in return of all the love and care the dog gets from his master. And what do we do, we the superior beings, the most intelligent of all?
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