Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cuz He Finally Left

He rose like tornado, struggling to liberate himself from the darkness, yearning to break free from the confinement. But the firmly shut drapes stood there stubbornly like a curfew, restricting all his movements. Persistently stinging from behind the drapes, this time he was determined to see the light of the day… and so he did. The drapes finally gave in and he eagerly stepped outside, taking its own sweet course, like a wild flowing river.

Disturbed, I asked him "What are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be hiding?"

He said "Yeah, you wish!"

He smiled back at me viciously. A smile that visibly conveyed every bit of sadistic pleasure he drew from the perfectly crafted revenge he took, for all the times when I suppressed him and smothered him to keep him away from the public view. Today, he stood there basking in the limelight that he deserved.

He was finally free. Merrily, he rolled down my cheek and willingly settled on my palm. And for a change, I did not have the heart to stop him. Not anymore. I let go and went with the flow.

After all the fights which I won, the one I lost made me feel better than ever and I wondered why I had bottled it up all inside. But no more, cuz I am myself again. And I am better, cuz he finally left.
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Sing Along :-)

Like I promised...here's the list of songs that I really really love and can listen to again and again and again

Awaarapan - Jism
Kuch is tarah - Aatif
Tera Mera Rishta - Aawarapan
Nothing else matters - Metallica
Hanging by a moment - Lifehouse
Everything I do - Bryan Adams
Everlong - Foofighters
Don't wanna miss a thing - Areosmith
It must have been love - Roxette
In the end - Linkin Park
Maa - TZP
Ab na ja - Euphoria
25 minutes - MLTR
Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
Wo kagaz ki kashti, Shaam se aankh mein, Main bhool jaon tumhein and woh khat ke purze - Jagjit Singh
Tum gaye - Machis
Pyar ke pal - KK

Most of the songs that I like and have mentioned here are close to my heart cuz of a reason...like “Pyar ke pal” by KK is a song I dedicated to my college team along with a small presentation. Each one of us cries every time we look at that small clip...here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_B8pN9VIOI

Then there is “Everything I do” by Bryan Adams, I know its one song that everyone has heard a lot of times n is probably comparable to a cliché but this ones very close to my heart cuz this was my first valentines day romantic dance.

“Hanging by a moment” by Lifehouse is the only song someone dedicated to me. I did not even know about it till then and now I can hear it as many times as possible.

The song Aawarapan from the movie Jism is one of those songs that does something to me…I don know what…I can hear it over and over and still not get bored. It’s just so calm….a little depressing too but still…it’s got such a haunting melody

And then there is MAA from TZP. One of the most beautiful compositions I have ever heard in my life. Every word, every note in that song just simply moves me…would cry every time I heard it initially…now I just enjoy it, think of my mom and smile.

These are like the top of the list...there are many more, like a lot of you who dropped in Thanks to all of you for sharing your choices and insights.

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Friday, July 25, 2008


Music, I believe is one thing that binds all of us...transcending all boundaries - physical, mental, social - ALL. I have never come across a person who hates music. In one form or the other, it appeals to each one of us and is extremely important to us, in its own special way.
It is my great escape from my day-to-day troubles. At times, it’s not just about unwinding these worries, but it also gives me a fresh and different way of thinking. At times it makes me weep, at times it makes me smile. Sometimes it brings peace to me, sometimes it sets off an emotional turbulence.

But then there are songs that not just touch my soul and evoke a strong emotional response, but also stir it completely. It’s like they are revealing my deepest and well kept secrets - desires, fears, thoughts. At times they heal my soul, at times they inspire me and there are times when they simply tear open a wound that I did not even remember I had.

So tell me what’s your story, which songs stir your soul? Does this song seem like its talking about you? Does it remind you of a friend, love found or love lost? Tell me cuz I would love to know! And I have a long list, will let you know in my next post

PS:- Keshi, this blogs dedicated to you since its idea originated from your comment on my last blog :-)
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Little DOES matter

Have you noticed the bright full moon or the constellations standing out on a moon less night, lately?
Have you smelled a flower recently?
Have you noticed your surrounding and those small things that you find reassuring and rejuvenating?
... The smell of the earth, just after it has rained for the first time
... The tip tap of the rain drops on the roof
... The colors in the sky at sunset
... The bird chirping next to your window in the morning
... Shades of green and yellow in trees and plants just after the rain
... Making images out of fluffy clouds in the sky
... Listening to your favorite song
... A hug from your best friend
... Splashing the water and blowing bubbles
... Remembering a moment that truly touches our heart and makes us smile every time we think about it
... The old pullover and a steaming cup of hot chocolate
... A baby's laughter

NO...Most of us, including me, have ignored all this and more to concentrate on the more pressing things in life, getting our work done and running our lives in this jet age. Sometimes, in our rush to get things done and accumulating the materialistic treasures being offered, we overlook the true and unadulterated joys of life and hence let go of true pleasure. And these small little things that are accessible so effortlessly all around us and that too in abundance, suddenly become forbidden delicacies.

God has prearranged an endless supply of such small joys for us, and to really LIVE our life, all we need to do is look for them, share them with others and magic will transpire on its own.

So what’s that one thing that makes you smile no matter what you are doing, no matter where you are and no matter who you are with?

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Monday, July 14, 2008

For Now And Forever - I


He saw her walking down the aisle....................... Lovely in her crisp white wedding gown, adorned with pearls, white tulips resting in her delicate hands, her face radiating sheer beauty from under the veil, her lips tender and luscious - waiting for that wedding kiss. And that was when he knew that this is going to be the moment....

Joshua Mackenzie now knew that she was the one and the only one for him. All he needed was she...........for now and forever.

He remembered everything vividly, turning through the pages of memories. A cine film was playing in his mind. The first time they met, he never could have thought in his wildest dreams to come this far. And now...............

It all began with a sorry.............
Joshua was carefully making his way through the aisle of a book store when the basket in his hand smacked the side of someone’s head. And as he turned to say sorry, he saw a fairy rubbing her forehead gently, glaring at the scoundrel who was strolling carelessly past her.

“Hey!” the angel shouted.
“I beg your pardon, Miss” Joshua said.
“I hope you are ok?”
“It’s fine. But u better watch that suitcase of yours”, she looked up and said. And she saw a perfectly sculptured face looking down at her with concern. Impeccably dressed in a gray suit, a determined jaw, this tall and handsome stranger was truly mesmerizing. A touch of arrogance and a hint of audacity completed his charisma.
“I am really sorry Miss” Joshua said with concern in his voice.
“It’s all right. I am fine”. So he is really chivalrous too, she thought.

And the next day, they met again. At the same book store.
Joshua said “ Hi! Miss ahm...........”.
She said in her tender, velvet voice “Madison, Grace Madison. And you are?”.
“Joshua Mackenzie”, he smiled. She smiled back.
It was as if they came looking for each other, knowing that the other one will be there too.

They found each other in the book store and soon learned that they shared several interests. They began to meet regularly at the book store café and it soon became a daily affair.

One day, seated alone in the cafe, Grace found herself missing her newfound friend.
She called him as soon as she got home.
“Is this Mackenzie residence?” she asked.
“Yes! May I help you”, replied a female voice.
“May I talk to Josh please?”
“Oh! Seems like you have not been informed, but …ummmm… Josh met with an accident yesterday night. He is at Turning hospital.” she replied.
A wave of fear rushed through her. She left for the hospital right away.
She inquired at the reception and dashed straight to his room. She could feel the pang of pain as she heard the doctor say, “ He won’t make it. He has no chances to make it”.
Grace went up to Joshua and looked at him. She slowly bent down, kissed his forehead and whispered in his ear “You don’t want to die. Right? Come on, Open your eyes. It’s me, Grace. I … I… I love you. Please open your eyes”

Two weeks later Josh was up on his feet and was found kissing Grace in his hospital room.

As the time passed, they came to share more than love, compatible in all ways, complete soul mates. Every time their friends talked of a perfect couple, they talked about them. They shared a wonderful laughter, a splendid friendship.

Joshua had never met anyone quiet like her and had never thought he could love someone as much as he loved Grace. He loved her compassion and sensitivity. Grace had found her knight in the shining armor; she loved his passion and vitality. They truly made a picture perfect, made for each other couple.

And then came THE news - Joshua got his dream job…he was now a Journalist at a leading infotainment channel. A dream he had since childhood was to surface. But that would mean less time with his sweetheart. Grace knew her man and she understood.

The rigorous travelling routine left not more than 5 hours each day for the trainees to sleep. And so in the end, he found himself tired and exhausted by the training and the loneliness that the distance from Grace brought.

She was waiting for her man to come home. The bell rang and she opened the door. Joshua stood there with open arms and she fled directly into them.
“You look so drained!” Grace said inquiringly.
“No more”, he said teasingly.
“I know exactly what you need” she smiled.
She led him into the bathroom.
She had lit it all up with candles varying in size and shape. The water was warm and scented.
She slowly took off her nightgown and stepped in to the bathtub and said, “Welcome home honey!”
Later they made love and as Joshua fell asleep holding Grace in his arms, he knew that it has to be like this, Always. Forever.

Another assignment came and Joshua left. The work was really exciting and the only thing that disturbed him was the long separation from Grace. No sooner then he returned from one assignment, he was sent for another. He hated to stay away from Grace and missed her terribly.

Two years passed, and to grace it seemed that this wait would never end. Her knight in shining armor was racing between his love and his work. While his lady love was gripped with the fear that he might never return, every time he went away. To her, Josh seemed more like a visitor than her love. Never know when he will come, never know when he will leave.

In time, Grace completed her Masters and took up a fellowship with a University. This made it easier for her to wait for Josh to return.
Now it was long since Josh had left.
He called “honey! I will be back in a few days”.
“Honey! I guess it will be a few more weeks only”
The weeks turned into months.

Whenever Josh came back, she tried to take her time out from her job, but she started getting caught up in it more and more. She loved her work. And he admired the dedication she gave it. But the bitter fact was that they were spending less time together.

One day when Joshua returned from his mission, Grace told him about a new friend she had made at the university. He was a professor and her Fellowship guide
“He’s so nice. All women at the university are crazy bout him…students, interns, professors…everyone.”

A few days later, Joshua left for another assignment. And when he returned three weeks later, Grace greeted him jubilantly.

“I won the best fellowship award…. They are going to publish my work and I have been invited to teach at the university… And it’s all because of Parker. I am so so so Excited”
“Parker Davis, that’s his name. He is simply amazing. You know he is so charming that he gave me a special treat despite the fact that I won and I am supposed to treat him for all his assistance and thank him for his guidance”.
“Is he married?” This man is sickening, thought Josh.
“No! Why? You aren’t jealous. Are you?” and she laughed.
“Of an old geek who teaches kids at some University? Nah, no way!”

Next time Josh and Grace met, Grace eluded talking about Parker, but Josh would bring up the name.
“How’s Elvis? Oh! I’m sorry pelvis” and he laughed.
“His name is Davis, not Elvis or pelvis!” she said sounding annoyed.

Next day was their Anniversary. Josh wanted to spend all day with the love of his life. He wanted to surprise his love by finally asking her to be his wife. But grace had some important work at the university. So Josh purposed to pick her up, while in his head he had a great plan for an evening she would remember for a lifetime.

He looked at the ring he had bought for her and couldn’t stop thinking about Grace’s expression when she would see it. It was the same ring she had set her heart on when they visited the Tiffany’s but could not buy since none of them was earning at that time. He could no more wait to make the forever become existent.

“I’ll pick you up at 3 then,” He said enthusiastically.
“Good! This way you can meet Parker. He is dying to meet you. I have told him all about you”, she smiled in excitement.

Next day Josh went to pick her up.
She was standing at the school gate waving at him. With her was a tall, handsome man, probably in his early thirties. Josh loathed him on first look. He couldn’t wait to get out of there.
“I guess its time to leave or we are expecting company?” Josh said scornfully.
“I hope you two enjoy” and Parker left.
“Why did you have to be so rude?” Grace lashed at Josh.
“I don’t happen to like that Elvis .............” said Josh coldly.
“You don’t even know him! And for the nth time…IT’S NOT ELVIS!”
Joshua thought, “ I don’t like the way he looks at you. I don’t like the way you look at him. I don’t like the way we are going. Oh hell!”

The day was all shambles. All Grace wanted to talk about was her new mentor. Most of the evening was spent in a silence that wanted to speak a thousand words. Josh dropped her home and was about to bend on his knees and ask her in the very traditional way to marry him when Grace said “ Josh I want to say something...........”

He sensed what was coming. The pain stabbed right through him even before she could say anything.
“Grace-------” he began to say something.
“You know how much I love you and I will always love you but..........”
“Grace-------” he began to say something again.
But she continued “ ............but in past two years I have done nothing but waited for you. We have spent only minutes with each other. We have drifted apart. We have love but there is no relationship anymore.”
“Grace.............. Please. I will leave everything for you and then we can make a new beginning..........” Daggers were piercing his heart slicing it into numerous pieces.
“No. We both know that it’s not going to work. Why linger on something that is no more there? You love your work. It has been your dream since childhood and I don’t want u to resent leaving it for me. I know you won’t be happy that ways.” Grace shook her head
“Is this has to do something with Davis?” Josh asked.
“He has asked me to marry him”, Grace answered hesitantly.
“And what did u reply?” He asked hoping that it’s all just a nightmare.
But as she said, “ I said yes”, He knew it wasn’t some crazy nightmare. He was torn apart.
“You are the only man I have ever loved and I can never love anyone the way I love u. We will always be best friends”. Grace hugged her.
“Best friends? I was planning to marry you.” Joshua thought.
His eyes flooded with tears, voice choked. Joshua managed to say “We’ll start again..............We’ll find a way..........”
“I’m sorry.” She hugged him again. “ I’m sorry, it’s finished”.
She kissed him on his forehead and left.

With emptiness within him and the ring in his hand, he quietly drove away. The days and nights went past and his desolation just won’t leave him. Everything he did, every little thing, reminded him of Grace. Her memories harassed him viciously. And he wanted to hold on to her, their love and everything that they had lost.

His heart was crippled. The spell of happiness was over and a wave of gloom swept across his life. The ache inside was unbearable. The longing to hold her close and the dream to make that a forever would never realize. The bleeding would just not stop; his heart had been ripped apart.

And then a few weeks later, his best friend called to invite him to her wedding. How could he say no? His best friend was all he had left of his love. And so he went.

And their........................

He saw her walking down the aisle....................... Lovely in her crisp white wedding gown, adorned with pearls, white tulip resting in her delicate hands, her face radiating sheer beauty from under the veil, her lips tender and luscious - waiting for that wedding kiss. And that was when he knew that this is going to be the moment................ The moment where he will lose her forever to someone else’s arms and the dream that once resided in his eyes is going to realize in someone else’s life.

Joshua Mackenzie now knew that Grace was the one and the only one for him. All he needed was Grace...........for now and forever. And he knew that it would never happen.

He remembered everything vividly, turning through the pages of memories. A cine film was playing in his mind.

The first time they met, he never could have thought in his wildest dreams to come this far. And now............... after three years of a wonderful and magnificent journey of love he was standing here alone, empty and tears filling his eyes.

As the priest proceeded with the ceremony, Joshua silently walked away.
The ring lay in his pocket waiting to adorn Grace, unaware of what had happened and of what will never happen.


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Friday, July 11, 2008


Saw the movie last Friday and wanted to put this up immediately…but well, I am too lazy to do anything on a weekend and on Monday I totally forgot about it… One of my friends at work saw it yesterday and was talking about it in the office and thats when I remembered I had to put this up.

OK... to start with, this is a trademark Aamir Khan movie which not just promised but delivered quality and freshness...wow!!!! Its a typical love story and still nothing typical about it.

Imraan Khan is just sooooooo cute and good looking....he looks like a Hollywood actor, reminded me of Collin Farrell for some reason!!! There have been many debuts, some flops, some hits....some over hyped some even go unnoticed...but this one is simply brilliant...first movie and Imraan has not made even a single mistake...AWESOME is not the word!!!

Any way he is named Jai in this movie, nick named Rats. His best friend is Aditi aka Meow...Genelia - by the way, I din like the way she delivered her role and the way she talked ...maybe its just me, maybe she was asked to do it...hvnt seen any of her other movies so will drop this topic rite here.

The one thing I loved about the movie is the fact that there is no hoopla around introducing the main characters; they just flow in with the story…no boom bang n crash, no multiple angles and zoom in shots…its all so natural!

All other supporting characters have delivered there parts brilliantly... nothing is over done and the movie has been executed exactly as it shud have been…like they say - Just what the doctor ordered. (A guy just passed by me and was smelling his arm pits.....eeeeewwww!!! LOSER)

Ok back to the movie...the dialogues are witty and HILLLLLLarious. And its all clean fun....no useless double meaning jokes or cheap scenes. Its a lovely movie...a cute love story without being sappy and corny!!! Thts a great achievement I must say.

Frankly, I have never seen a love story being treated so well. Its very very fresh and endearingly cute. LOL.

Oh!!! And how can I forget the SURPRISE packages - Naseerudin Shah and Paresh Rawal...Mind Blowing I say!!! You got to see it to know what I am talking about. Both of them are incredible in the execution of their very small but extremely significant roles. Every time they came on screen, I almost fell out of my chair…laughed so hard that my mouth was hurting. Damn!!!

And what do I say bout the music....hmmmm....do I actually need to say nethn bout it??? Ok I will. Its perfect for the movie, and is NOT the typical A. R. Rehman music. Actually I love all the songs. But despite the fact that “Pappu cant dance saala” and “Kabhi Kabhi” are topping the charts, I personally find "Nazarein milana" the best.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the movie [by the way you will find such fantastic moments in abundance in the movie] which made me fall in love with the movie and well Imraan Khan too...Sigh!!! I wish I was younger or he was older...hi hi hi!!! Ok here we go -
Aditi’s parents and Jai’s discussion {must have seen parts of it in the movie trailer}
“On the phone beta” - Oh I forgot to mention that Ratna pathak shah has also done a great job as Jai's mother...like I said, all characters are Just Perfect!
Jiggy the piggy and Rotlu’s love stories!!!
The brother-sister conversation between Aditi and Amit when Amit takes her to his room - so so so touching and warm
The conversation between Jai’s mom n dad...especially the end when the mom leaves and the dad keeps shouting from the frame!!! eeehiiihahahaha :D
Tera Mujhse hai phale ka nata koi… Yun hi nahi dil lubhata koi…Jane tu…ya jane na…LOL!!!

Cant understand na? Well then GO WATCH IT!!! Sachhi mein, its worth every penny.

And ya ya ya...I know most people are saying that the end could have been better and not so typical n etc etc etc...but blah!! I loved it...the whole pt of the movie is that its not sumthn totally different but at the same time its the treatment of the story, the direction, the dialogues that makes it so different...it IS a love story and it IS between 2 young people and so it has to end like one...rite?

Any way, my verdict is that its a story about love and friendship that makes you smile through out the length of the movie and laugh a lot too. Immensely enjoyable and highly entertaining, a movie you must not miss!!!
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Friday, July 4, 2008

Dilli ka Dil

Recently one of my batch mates from MBA who’s not from Delhi was cribbing bout "Meri Dilli" .... I din like it ... I wrote him a mail telling him to stop cribbing or go back to where he came from or just appreciate the place where he is cuz the city really is great. Delhi rocks with all its "goods and bads" (wrong English I know - but it’s a joke b/w me n ma frnz so...)

So well, then I thought why not put together a small eye opener for some of you who know only the so called "BADS" (which by the way is always equivalent to safety for girls and which I believe is not great, but also been blown out of proportion). And before anyone says anything, I am already accepting that the city has its own shortcomings, but then which city doesn’t. So keeping that in mind and read along :)

And well, m not going to talk about the things you will easily find on a travel website like India Gate, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, etc....cuz they are all obvious. Like if u go to London u cant miss Piccadilly rite? Or if u go to Washington you can’t miss the white house. So I am going to talk more about what you should explore and see to really know the city beyond the honking horns and F1 race track traffic (thanks Duru for that thought). And wherever I can....I will beg, borrow, steal, click and put a pic to prove my point :)

Old is gold, so lets begin from old Delhi
Three religious places almost next to each other and still prevailing - Hanuman Mandir, Jama Masjid and Gurudwara Sheesh Ganj. One you get over the site of hoards of people lining up outside each of these for paying their tributes, try catching up with the chandani chowk...don try getting your car or a 2 wheeler here. You better walk...and if you don want to, try a cycle rickshaw. That’s the charm of chandni chowk. A cryptic Wall Street of bargaining and trade set in early early 19th century with glimpses of 2oth :) Here was where the business deal was born. Have to see it to believe it cuz even I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

Now for specific interests - all the books lovers, every Sunday you get some great books, all originals at dirt cheap prices... I have bought some really old books that are not even in print now here. For the rest, the chor bazaar will give you everything from a laptop to a car...lol

Anyone interested in spices - well welcome to Asia's Largest Spice Market called Khari Baoli. Next to it is the Dariba Kalan known as the jewelers' lane. Here you can bargain hard for gorgeous baubles.
Chawri Bazaar for all your copper and brass accessories, tokens etc and the very famous Nayi Sarak for the best range of stationary u cannot possibly imagine. And if you remember the movie Fanna - the bangle's lane is also here and is called Churiwalli Galli .
Old Delhi still not over guys - the food heaven is still left. You must visit the Paranthewalli Galli and Karim's. If you don go here, you will be missing on the best food ever. You will even get the banana, cream and dry fruit parantha here. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm is not the word I say!!!!! Ones really got to taste it to experience what heaven feels like...lol!

Well then comes the Central - Connaught Place, popularly known as CP - was designed by Robert Tor Russell and W H Nicholls. It was named after the Duke of Connaught, a member of the British royal family. It was the largest of its kind in India at that time. It’s known for all the shopping n Jazz so m just going to mention the places you must go to.
Will start with my fav Chinese food joint - Bercos. It’s pretty famous for that and you can find it in Inner Circle. Just above it is Spirits, nice lounge so drop in. Then ther is Sagar Ratna in outer circle and Madras Cafe in inner circle. Loads of fancy restaurants to visit but if you really want to taste the mast punju food, then Kake ka Dhaba is the place to be. Its bang opposite Costa Cafe in outer circle. If you want to enjoy a nice time, try going to Mist or Aqua Lounge at the Park Hotel....but if u want to shake it baybayhh!!! - Then try Agni - the discotheque at Park again. Like Mexican, you can go to Rodeos. And if you like going around in circles, well Parkikrama offers the perfect solution and a unique view - being a revolving restaurant on top of a high rise building.

Not too far away is the Bengali market which houses the Bengali Sweets and Nathan Sweets next to each other. Nathans has been one of the best in Chloe Bather and Golf gape since a long long time. Mom used to work at a place walking distance from there and I used to look forward to Saturdays as it was mom's half day and dad would take me n my sis to her workplace. And then we all used to go to Nathus for lunch. Hmmmmmm!!! Ok this post is not about my childhood memories so back to Delhi.
Shoppers pay attention to Janpath and Palika. Janpath is a street side market mostly known for its export quality clothes and accessories. While palika is an underground fully AC market mostly known for its leather and electronic items. But if you go there alone, you better be good at bargain. Else take a typical dilliwala along with you, lest you crib bout paying more than u should have. Not to forget Shankar Market famous for all kinds of "kapda and latha". The fashionable cloth prints and designs hit this place even before you see someone else wearing them. For the more desi ones...you can try exploring the Central Cottage Industries and emporiums from each of the states. Khadi is by far the best, at least I think so.
And for all those who just want to sit around, well the central park with its absolutely green grass beds and multi-colored fountains is just perfect. And I know I said that I will not talk about famous places, but well, you can not can not miss an evening picnic at India Gate...trust me, its fun to just sit around on the lush green lawns and look around the amazing architecture of The Rashtrapati Bhawan, The India gate and The Parliament all at the same time!!!

On our way to my fav place in Delhi, we have two interesting stops...First - for the chaat lovers, you can not can not miss the UPSC chaat. The best chaat in the WORLD. You will get everything from a fiery aloo chaat to a cooooool kulfi faluda. But a personal recommendation is the Bhalla Papadi, simply superb n finger licking delicious!

And then Khan Market - Mrs. Kaur's cookies and Khan Chachas rolls. Yeh nahin khaya to kuch nahin khaya. Don’t leave Delhi without visiting these two eat outs. And of course Khan Market also houses the very famous Big chills - my recommendations are the chicken Piri Piri pasta, Lasagna, ginger fizz, The Mud Pie and the cheese cakes...everything just melts in to your mouth...yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! One place which has never ever disappointed me!

We will now move on to my favorite place in Delhi - The India habitat centre. Lots of ppl ask me why so...actually I don’t know. It’s just so peaceful and calm and I love being there. It’s got lots of NGO offices running from there, has theatres for plays etc. Loads of workshops and classes related to art. Art galleries, photography and craft displays. This by the way is the same place where Rang De Basanti was shot. It was shown as the International Students Hostel in the movie. So the amphitheatre where the practice, the huge gardens where they take screen tests - its all IHC. And then there is the food court - Eatopia. Food tares good and is probably one of the cleanest Kitchens you will find not just in Delhi but across India. Grandma's Bakery corner is something you must check out. The desserts are mot just different but deliciously different.

Walking distance from here is the Lodhi gardens. Famous for its lover’s lane, this is an awesome place. Must have seen a garden inside a fort, but come here and enjoy the fort inside the garden. Try taking a walk or jog in the morning n evening, you may come across some really influential and powerful personalities of the nation being overpowered by their dogs ;)
Every time I go there, there is only thing I fail to understand. All these biggies come here to jog/walk and there houses are a stone throw away from the park...but they still come in their larger than life cars. LOL!!!

Anyway...we now move on to another Delhi gem - the Delhi haat. You will find everything you want to eat here - all Indian state's have their food stalls here along with handloom, art and crafts, accessories, etc. Special melas are also organized here from time to time - basant mela, mango fair, handicraft mela, diwali melas, etc etc etc. The hair braiding and stamp mehndiwalis sit just outside the complex and is much fun. And for all the Ladies, this is the place where you can get a range of earrings for just Rs 10 - YAYEEEEEEEE!!!

Not too far is another shopping abode - the sarojni nagar market. You will get anything and everything in this market...Other markets similar to this will be Karol Bagh - Gaffar Khan Market and Lajpat Nagar. These markets have electronics, clothes, accessories, shoes, food, etc etc...Literally anything you can ask for. And well for all those who want to buy some cool cell phone at even cooler prices...gaffar’s the place to be ;)

Oh! and the techno wise computer geeks must visit Nehru place....heaven for them. Personally I have been there only when I needed something or if I was driven someone there when they wanted to buy computer stuff so can’t say much, except that this place never disappoints anyone who wants to buy comp gadgets.

Other shopping places to visit will be Saket city Walk mall - ALL BIG Brands under one roof...And the PVR Priya, this place is "IN" since the time of my grand dad...lol...try the CHOKOLA restaurant at Priya, it’s got all these amazing cocoa recipes. I couldn’t finish their pure chocolate shake...was so delicious, yummy and MAN!!! It was so rich. A nice change from all the cafes around.

Some great restaurants here...and two dishes voted in top 3 chocolate preparations in India are available here. Oberoi's cake shop will provide you with their Rank 1 chocolate cake/pastry and Nirula's will server you the Rank 3 hot chocolate fudge. And there is a great Italian restaurant...can’t remember the name but it’s simply amazing.
Come a little further towards Gurgaon and there you have the Mahipalpur road...all brand factory price outlets lined up one after the other. Can buy some really good stuff. I remember buying a pair of Adidas shows for just 750 bucks, showroom price being 1750!!!

And well I generally do not like too many museums and all but two museums I really love are the Doll Museum and the Rail Museum. Doll Museum has one of the largest collections of costume dolls in the world. The museum host more than 6000 varieties of dolls and represents almost 85 countries. Simply enchanting.
And the Rail Museum is an open air museum, so its much fun that ways. It showcases various models of train engines and coaches including the model of India's very first train, a steam engine that made its journey from Mumbai to Thane in 1853 and the locomotives displayed in the open are simply lovable and the Toy train is adorable and still running .

And if you coming to Delhi in Feb.-March....you ought not miss the Mughal Gardens - personally I think this is sir Edward Lutyens best piece of work, he designed it for Lady Harding. It’s situated in rashtrapati bhawan and the best garden I have ever seen. A classy blend of the formal Mughal style with the design of a British Garden. It is beautified with Mughal style canals, fountains and terraces, adorned beautifully with hedges and flowers. With in the garden compound, there are many small and big lawns, like Pearl garden, butterfly garden and circular garden. The circular garden is the place which is beautified with massed segmental and tiered flower beds and is the best place to see butterflies.

Try going to the Garden of Five senses as well - A spectacularly designed picturesque located at Said-ul-Ajaib in southern part of Delhi. This garden is an amalgamation of color, fragrance, texture and form with a unique chime of 500 bells producing soothing sounds in its background

And if this is not enough...try taking a drive starting from Rajpath, through Akbar Road, Chanakya Puri and Satya Marg - won’t say much as I shall let some pictures do the talking.

Dont forgett to take a ride around the city in the metro. I personally believe that this is the best thing to happen to delhi. Comfortable, fast, suits the pocket too...and on top of this, no jihik jhik and no chik chik of traffic and pollution. An auto rickshaw costs me somewhere between 80 to 100 bucks from CP to my place in east delhi while a metro ride costs me just 17 bucks. I am waiting for the day it connects the entire city and my bank balance increases despite the fuel prices rising by the day.
And in the end, I would like to mention two new additions to my delhi family - The Millennium park and Akshardham
Millennium Park provides lush green lawns and a peaceful environment to dillwale dilliwales. It’s a 16 cr project that turned a landfill to a lush green garden which is divided in 5 sections. One of them is called smriti van and you can plant a tree there for yourself. I love the concept!!! It also has a beautiful white Shanti Stup with gold decoration. Amazingly beautiful...just looking at it makes one feel so peaceful!!!

And last but certainly not the least is the place where you can see technology working hand-in-hand with religion - Akshardham. It's a sort of cross between a hi-tech Disneyland and a traditional temple. There is a boat ride though an artificial tunnel, a yagna-kund that is also a synchronized colorful fountain, an "audio-animatronics" show, and a giant movie screen that shows a special movie filmed in over 100 locations in India, with a cast of 45000 people. The scale and drama of Akshardham make me wish it were a metaphor for modern India - eager to accept new learning, but at the same time, vibrant and self-confident enough to convert it into something uniquely Indian.

If this is not enough, well I would just like to say that I haven’t even started talking about Delhi, forget about the other places in and around NCR... and my fingers are aching already!!! And if you want more, m sure you can find loads of info about famous monuments like India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Jama Masjid, Birla Mandir, Red Fort, Old Delhi Fort, Delhi Zoo, Sheesh Ganj, Hanumaan Mandir, Lotus temple, Iscon temple, Chattarpur Mandir, Bangla Sahib, Rakab ganj, Rajghat, Himayun Tomb, Jantar Mantar, etc etc etc.

More some other time or on request :) and thanks to www.flickr.com and my new sony erricsson for the pics that speak for themselves!!!
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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Ok!!! I am doing this cuz I have been made to Tag along by Mishra Ji...LOL...(trust me I enjoyed this ;)) and like you I am adding this line after doing the whole thing.

The Rules of the game are:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you. (done it above, was tagged by Mishra)
2. Mention the rules on your blog. (thats wt you are reading)
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. (mentioned below)
4. Tag 6 bloggers by linking them. (this is tough, but did that too)
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged. (done)

OK now the time for my QUIRKS... I don exactly know wt it means and what exactly to put in but well, I will try:-

1. I am a born dancer. I find myself dancing while I am driving, bathing, sleeping, reading, working...Lol... What? You find it funny??? Well I don’t care cuz I will do it my way, if only you could understand what way that is!
Dance is my foremost passion. I love the feeling of being on stage, dancing in the centre under the spotlight while the audience is captivated by the movements and cant take their eyes off even for a second and the best part, the applaud that follows...the love and respect that people shower on you after the performance. Damn I miss my dancing days and damn I wish I could continue dancing.

2. I have to have my daily coffee dose on office days:
- One, when I enter the office and settle down on my workstation.
- Two, after breakfast
- Three, after lunch
- Four, the evening tea time

Interestingly enough, I don feel this need of having the coffee if m snoozing at home :)...the moment I step out, I become a coffee freak. Even on a trip, I can’t do without it :)

3. I love pampering people and as such I tend to like all those people who throw a fit very often, act like kids and need some sort of guidance to grow up even at the age of 25 and more..Lol. Most other people do not like them cuz they are difficult to handle, cuz everyone thinks they are demanding and moody and throw tantrums too often. Even people who get themselves in to trouble too often make me feel that ways about them. I don know why but that evokes a very protective feeling in me towards them. Do I like being the GURU or want? well no its not...I don want to be the one who saves them and all that...it seriously melts my heart and at times I go way out of my way to ensure they are fine.

4. I have a thing for my data for some reason. I know thrs so much data on my 8 yrs old desktop that I will never need and so will no one else...but I refuse to delete it. My graduation projects, some shitty games that no one plays anymore, some old desktop pictures, songs that I have never heard and don’t know how they are on my hard disk...and loads of stuff just there. I just can’t hit the delete button. Man Oh Man....I am a weirdo!!!

5. I hate stepping inside the kitchen...not that I haven’t, I have done it when I had no other option. But still, I hate it with all my guts. As much as I am always told that as a girl I should know how to cook and keep the kitchen, and as much as I cook well and am very finicky about my kitchen shelf being clean (some much that if in kitchen, I clean it every 5 mins), I still would not enter it unless in a crisis situation!!!

6. I am fairly blunt and outspoken...sarcastic too at times. I love sarcasm as long as it’s not directed at me...lol...I make a lot of those funny sarcastic comments. One of the reasons why I have either very very close friends (the ones who understand me inside out n hence don mind) or just acquaintances (the ones who don’t appreciate the humor in sarcasm and hence prefer not being subjected to it). Holding back does not occur to me, even if I plan not to do it the next time I talk. People make resolutions every year, I make one everyday - to be more diplomatic...and I break it everyday too.

Thats the its from the my the sides!!! Hoping to hear some from the following fellow bloggers :-)


Phew!!! M done finally!!! Mishra, be prud of me, I have done it before the promised deadlne...heeaahahahaha!!!
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Speaking Dee Dee - III

When you let your fear and weakness lead you, you live for sure but you are not alive.
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