Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random Ramblings

It’s a pointless round table meeting.

No one knows what they are talking about and the ones who know what it is all about are being scolded cuz they don’t seem to know what they are not supposed to know and what is of no consequence to them. And the ones who are questioning them have no clue about anything at all so they are asking random, useless questions, just to make sure the other look like fools.


I feel like standing up on the table, stomping my feet hard and shout on top of my voice - Like this - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

But well!!! Whatever... Am making my notes, writing anything and everything.

These days, for some odd reason, I'm literally living on the songs of RNBDJ.

Have seen the movie, it was ok... nothing great...And it soooooo doesn’t happen in real life

But I liked it...maybe cuz I love happy endings. And I am not looking for one... I want one!!!

I am not going to compromise with my chances of having this dream come true... One dream I don’t have the heart to give up on.
It’s scary that in the end I might not have realized my dream and in the meanwhile the dream mite fade away too... but I shall not compromise. I don’t want to. It’s my dream and I want to know what’s in it for me. Even if I end up empty handed…

This one for me is all or nothing.

I am also working on the next part of my Forever and For Always series of short stories.

I feel like something is not right. Something seems to be missing. I don’t know what, but I am desperately looking for it.

I saw Ghajini too. Not a lot of people liked it, I din like it exactly either, but I am an Aamir loyalist and loved a few things about the movie... so all in all it was just about ok.

But as sappy and sickeningly mushy it may sound to some, the footprints are now a part of my things to do list.

For now, I have decided to stop cribbing about things in my life… cuz after a while, anyone and everyone gets bored by it. Things mite not have become better in my life, they actually have become worse, but when I share it with someone and they complain that I crib too much – I just want to tell them that I am sorry I shared it with them - I wasn’t really “CRIBBING” that much… its just true that it sucks that much. I don’t want to be called cribby, cuz I am not and that if it looks like am cribbing then the situation is really that bad. And if you cant understand it, then well good for me, cuz now I know what I should not be sharing with you. So Thanks and Whatever!!!
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Friday, December 19, 2008

For Now And Forever - III


Grace looked blankly at her desktop screensaver. The day had been exceptionally dull. It was just one of those days when nothing was right.

"You've got mail!" The screensaver disappeared jolting her back to reality.

"Sigh!!!" Another forward, she thought. But just when she was about to hit the delete button, she noticed the sender's name. Joshua Mackenzie.

She smiled in surprise. Josh never sent her any forwards. So why today? It was one of those mails which said that if you forward it you'll get a surprise in 15 min. She laughed in her head and forwarded it to a few friends as well as Josh.

"You've got mail", her PC speakers sang again in a symphony, exactly after 15 minutes.

It was Josh again. "Did you get the surprise?"

She was amused. Josh sat just two bays away, on the same work floor as her!

"No" She replied

"You've got mail!" She looked at the screen and almost burst out laughing.

The mail said - "Too bad, me neither! Time to go home. Wanna drop?"

She replied - "Ok"

She was more than glad to see Josh waiting for her in the parking. Grace's pet Tanny had delivered the pups just last night. She was completely drained. He could see the shadows of a long night on her face.

They had dinner in their favorite restaurant - The Golden Dragon - and the drudgeries of the day, all seemed to have disappeared in the conversation. It always worked - the restaurant, the tête-à-tête and the company – ALWAYS!

After the dinner, Josh drove quietly to her place, marveling at the warmth radiating from her soft, glowing skin as she spoke about Tanny's new borns.

Just before she opened the car door to leave, Josh said... "So, neither of us got the surprise yet?"

"I know!" Grace smiled at him

"Its not too late you know!" Josh said shifting his glance between her lips and her eyes a couple of times.

Grace looked at him and asked what it meant.

He slowly bent forward and brushed his nose and cheek along hers. Then, he gently pulled her chin towards his lips and allowed his lips to touch hers. He parted his lips slightly and pressed them tenderly over her lips. Grace closed her eyes and savored the most sensual moment of her life- the sensation of his lips on hers. So gentle and so loving, it made her insides melt.

It didn’t feel right... it felt perfect!
And the radio came to life with Lifehouse......

"I'm falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I've held on to
I'm standing here until you make me move
I'm hanging by a moment here with you"

He pulled his head back and their eyes locked in a warm, affectionate gaze.

Josh looked in her eyes, "Your hair looks so soft," and lightly touched the tips of it.

The rose in her cheeks made Josh smile. Grace beamed at him, looking in to his deep black eyes, while Josh reached back over and started stroking her hair.

He leaned down and took a big sniff "Mmmmmmm... you smell good."

Lifehouse continued in the background...

"There's nothing else to lose, there's nothing else to find
There's nothing in the world that can change my mind
There is nothing else, there is nothing else, there is nothing else"

"So!!! Was that a good surprise?" Josh said

"DEFINITLY!" She said with a wide grin pasted on her face and stars twinkling in her eyes.

“Just what the doctor ordered! Eh?” Josh smirked and both of them burst out laughing… laughing till their jaw hurt.

Lifehouse faded away slowly...

Just hanging by a moment
Hanging by a moment
Hanging by a moment
Hanging by a moment here with you...


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Sunday, December 7, 2008

What's on the MEN(u) - I

For long women have been judged by the way they look, the size of their butts and boobs, the length of their hair, the color of their skin, the Oh! sooo pretty hands and feet, the nail paint and the heels and how much do they show on the weighing scale.

But what about men??? What is it ON-MEN that can talk about them?

Here's how to tell

First one and surely my favorite one is THE SHOES - says A LOT. It is seriously the first thing you should always check out :)

SO if he wears formal lace shoes, black in color - he’s surely dependable, responsible, and stable, hopefully with a gooooood job as well. If he has the same pair in brown, ah well - then he is the earthy kinds, honest and straightforward, probably even believes in the old ways of love and romance...WOW!!!

Imagine a guy in croc skin or snake skin leather - the thought itself grosses me out - but well, if u looking for a playboy type cunning man, here’s your chance. Plus he would surely be the high – maintenance, label starving types... Unless of course he's gay!!! And in that case ladies, you don’t stand a chance anyways.

Then there are the ones who wear the biking or the cow boy boots - but have no real clue about any bike and probably haven’t even heard about the wild wild west. This is the type where the testosterone drives everything. And AHEM AHEM, they are not even afraid of going all out to flaunt it. Really!!! would someone please tell them that they are nothing short of RIDICULOUS!!!

And guess what, that’s not it... there are a lot of things to a pair of shoes than just the make, look or texture, like how a man treats his shoes. Shoes, just like relationships, need a hell lot of hard work and attention to maintain them. So if a man keeps his shoes nice and clean, polished and maintained... he probably will keep his relationships the same ways too.

Beyond that, you can also look at how he matches his socks with it... men's socks are like women's lingerie. You won’t wear just about anything, even though no one can see it. And hence, the choice of socks is even more enlightening. How he matches his socks, does he even match them, does the elastic hold, do they stink, does he even wear them... can surely tell you a whole lot of stuff about him.

And for all you girls who are just like me and cant resist buying a good pair yourself when you see one, here is a very important tip - If he can't afford a respectable pair of shoes he certainly can’t afford you... BWUAHAHAHAHA.....!!

More on how to judge a man soon - in the meantime try this out and let me know if it helped.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Hazel Eyed Boy

In grade 7th I was still the boy hating person. I hated their guts. They were useless, too hyper and were too secretive about something that I couldn’t figure out then.
So, this hazel eyed boy with an absolutely adorable mop of curly hair would often behave too shy around me. He was apparently the cutest boy in the class.
On this one exam day, he came up to with an entire gang of guys and extends his hand to me “All the best for the exam Shaifali”. I shake his hand and say “you too” with much disinterest. Suddenly the entire gang of guys roared. I was too dumb to even get that! Ok fine, I was a geeky child.

1 year later I got to know he liked me. A lot. My then best friend had scandalized him by saying that I considered him a brother. Oh cmon! Don’t roll your eyes! We have all seen this nonsense of bhai-ship when we were kids! He apparently wrote a suicide letter too.

Not once in all this one year did I come to know. I guess the bhaiship did it for him. He now liked someone else. That kind of pinched me. Why it did was not clear to me back then. I think it was the start of “not looking at guys as dumb creatures”.

Time passed by. I found a F.L.A.M.E.S sheet in his desk one day with my name and his name on it. It had his current crush and his name too. You know what FLAME is. Oh you do you do! You have done it too. Na? Anyway, this was in 9th grade. I would get all the kick in the world to do something better than him. Heh, kiddish stuff.

By 10th grade, I had started to like him. But I was too feisty to confess it. He still liked the other chick. He left school in grade 11th.

We wrote to each other for a long time. We met once that year. He wrote me his address on a tissue paper and ran off. I still liked him.

I would often remember the time we met and smile to myself. Or well talked the first time. That was 5th grade. Some etiquette class it was; telephone etiquettes. Both me and him were called and have a conversation in front of the entire class about a program we watched. That was how we talked the first time.

Mid of grade 12th, the letters stopped coming. I kept writing. But he never replied back. I was angry. But I didn’t let it out.
I got to know in a letter he sent to me in February’2000 that he is seeing someone. He loved her. A lot. Something crashed inside me then. I met him in March’2000. He had changed drastically from what I had known him to be.
He looked consumed. His teeth yellow because of smoking.

The image crashed. I didn’t like him anymore. Not that much.

I liked him for 1 more year after that.
That hazel eyed boy

PS: this is another guest post by my best buddy I fondly call Fali. I know I know I am missing but promise to be back in just one week. PROMISE!!!

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