Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Ramblings - II

Sometimes, when I am walking right in the middle of a huge crowd, full of both known n unknown faces... I suddenly stop and look around and this strong sense of loneliness evades me. I feel like falling, free falling.... Just to know, just to see if I will fall or if someone will hold me and save me from it. But I dont do it. Cuz m not sure that sumone will. I have known that feeling of surety, knowing that there is sum1 who won’t ever let me get hurt. And then that very person pushed me over. N then I just waited to hit the bottom... I fell, I got up n now I don feel safe enough to even trip. Its like a vicious circle now... Unless I let I be... Open to trip n fall... I will never know if there’s someone right besides me to ensure that I don... But since m not sure, m over cautious, I don want to fall m hurt. I don like it... But such is life... just don know how long will the flame of my faith will last till I stop wishing n hoping for - anything and everything - I believe in, I deserve or I want.
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