Monday, January 10, 2011

Stranger in the making - III

Innocence and trust have no value these days - do they?
I am questioning myself and answering at the same time
No - it surely does not!!!

But it is a little extreme when people will do things going all out of their way to make you trust them only with a plan to break it. OUCH! It hurts a lot. Especially when you have to literally pay a bomb for it, like an atom bomb worth of real money. Till today it had never been a concern for me. I have never valued money over people or over general state of being sane. I would rather spend money and not bother about it then being in a mentally disturbed or depressed state - be it myself or someone I know - money was never above people. And hold on - I am not talking about the usual shopping and chocolate indulgence women use for mood lift! I am talking about travelling with friends, catching up with an old friend even if thy are in a different city, Making loooooong calls, joining a class, going for a drive - cuz they need it or cuz i need it- things which are decently expensive to not so expensive but keep my or my friend's general happiness in day to day life intact and hence help us being sane.

This time around though, even that hasn’t help, even though I am totally bankrupt now.... I don’t know what to believe - that money is important, cuz I suddenly have none or that mental sanity is still more important, which doesn’t prevail right now since I don’t seem to comprehend till date what happened and why and of course how even with all my money gone, I am actually more distressed! Yeah I am worried about my bank balance for a change!!!!

And it’s not just that – it’s also about people. What do I do? Do I stop believing and trusting in people? To not believe anyone who I meet and question even people who I think as good friends? Cuz people who did what they did were also supposedly good friends!!! SO if I am duh and naive enough to not being able to judge people well, then how do I know that the people I trust are actually trustworthy? So do I just suddenly start disbelieving and doubting everyone, cuz people change and will obviously never tell you what they really have in mind!!!

At the same time there are people who have been there for me pretty much... Abhi, Sud, Nicks, Mads, Surs, Fali, Arjun.... and they are not acquaintances; they are not someone I happened to know... they are people I can rely on... But weren’t they also acquaintances once... its because I thot of them as potential good friends that I talked to them and then as great people that is why they became close friends. So if I stop believing, I won’t meet more people like these and will completely cut myself from any potential goodness left in the world!

I don’t know, this is all so confusing. I don’t have it in myself to look forward to meeting new people anymore. I am done with that nonsense. I think I am too old to meet new people and get stuck in some more bullshit just cuz even at this age I tend to trust people. I should not. I WILL NOT I RESOLVE!

SO yeah trust is overrated and I seemed to have discoverd it the hard way. There is no value to it. We can trust someone as much as we want and they will still screw it from all sides possible. Sometimes even if they have proven other wise... So just like each day is new, the equation that we have with other people is also renewed. Today they maybe extremely trustworthy and tomorrow the bang opposite. We will never see the other side of a person, the ugly one more often than not, till they chose us the lucky winner. And in my case I seem to be winning that a lot these days.

What to do such is the breed called Homo sapiens! And I am too black and white to deal with it, so as usual I shall deem it all black and I am outta it...

And for that thing called trust, here are my last words to you:-

Dear Trust

Well I shall hope to see you sometime, it was good to know you but extinction is quite a hazard. I know I have used you too much and have completely spent you on silliest of people and I know I run the risk of not trusting someone worthy anymore, but oh what the hell!!! Being proven wrong this time around would actually be a super delight as compared to the other way round as a practice and being let down by everyone. Goodbye trust.

Will try dealing with your half sister called expectations the same way and hopefully say the same to her soon

Till then.. Whatever!

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posted by Heart'n'Soul at 4:07 PM


you cant stop being sarcastic (and funny :P)even when you are neck deep in shit can you?

loved the straight from heart expression as always


January 11, 2011 at 11:12 AM  


imagine yourself as a financial institution which wants business to sustain. a good input of resources flowing to keep you walking atleast, if not running. how can you ensure it? always keeping doors open to one who needs you and is worth it.

now everyone needs resources so peple will always line up at your doors. its you to decide who is worth it. they all want you for your givings and you want tem for their's. they screen you and try to find the best deal and you do your share of scrutiny. credit worth, re-payment ability, loyalty, background will be your parameters. you apply risk management which anyway states to expect repayment of jus 60% trends in india. you negotiate and if alls well bond an association. yes, you will get fraudrants, yes you will get betrayers,but it will all be small time buggers.What you will eventually get is what you are there for..some really loyal associations which will last for long long time.

"ek to kam zindagani..us se bhi kam hai jawani..jab tak josh mein jawani..jab tak khoon mein ravani..hosh mein aane na do....Pyar Do, Pyar Lo(Business...simply Business)"

January 19, 2011 at 11:31 AM  

Hi Mr. Alive, if you are reading this, would like to tell you that you have some interestingly over optimistic attitude.

Would be great if you would reveal who you are and not be in the hiding!

January 19, 2011 at 11:45 AM  

been there n been that, i know how u feel girl, and that experience made me stronger and better, i chose friends wisely since then, trust is a very delicate and genuine thing we have deep deep inside us, and the more ppl abuse our trust the more wall we built but even if we say we had enough still we couldnt stop trusting, everything is a gamble but experiences made us more wiser! what i did, i left all my friends to see who's the gem n who's d pest, and having no friends doesnt make you incomplete, it even gives you clarity, then later part you'll see who ur real friends are, u might be surprised at d end! :)

January 21, 2011 at 2:01 PM  

"Be brave as your fathers before you. Have faith and go forward" Thomas Alva Edison"

Give TRUST a good discrimination to ensure it settles on a good foundation. Yet, remember that nothing lasts forever, even, TRUST too. Life is designed with intricate complexities. There are many crude minded people out there, with all their deceitfulness and cleverness they veil their intentions well. Life has always been such, and it will always remain so. So it is up to us to bring this 'self' to rise above the differences and settle the score within us. There ain't gonna be a heaven among humankind for heaven is a world among animals and plants.

Don't withdraw yourself, be positive and remember that the best of life is yet to come, and it is always...' a yet to come' until our last breath.

February 25, 2011 at 5:13 AM  

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