Thursday, September 8, 2011

Terrorism - Outside or Inside!

Once again the sitting duck of our government and their vote bank politics in India ends up compromising India's stand and fight against terrorism. Their policy of appeasement and ambiguous take on diplomatic relations with our neighbors ends up hurting and literally killing the people within the country. What an Irony it is that the terrorists who attacked us have taken responsibility of the attacks while the authorities responsible for protecting us are not even ready to consider it as a mistake and a shortfall. They still have the audacity to defend themselves even though the last six big blasts in the country (not to mention low intensity blasts happening often) still remain unresolved.

And under such circumstances when the political will and the intent of the government is questioned, they say don’t question our will cuz we lost one of our leaders to terrorism and that it’s a ridiculous question to even ask. The fact that their own prime minister died of terrorist attack and they have still been unable to fight it clearly shows their intent and will to fight it, or shall I say – not to fight it. They say that it’s foolish to think that they want to save the govt. and not the people and that’s their really intent - well then why don’t we see it then - why is just lip service - why is the govt. not stopping what they seem to be always condemning - why is India becoming the shelter to the terrorists caught. Where is the capital punishment for them? Why is there the lack of coordination between the police that works on govt's directives and Mr. Chidambaram’s department who said that he had already passed on the information to police today??? WHAT THE HELL!!! Where is the action on the promise by the govt. after 26/11 Mumbai blasts that we will have stricter measures to protect and punish... WHERE??? WHEN???

They have apprehensions to pass a janlokpal bill that they made a 75+ years old man go on a hunger strike for over 11 days while banning a strong anti-terror law like POTA did not take much! Where were the human rights groups when Anna was fasting - yeah the same ones that cry foul when a terrorist is being killed or suspected leads are questioned. What’s a little bit of discomfort to a handful of innocent people who are questioned as compared to large numbers of innocent people being killed?

How much more time does the govt. need to build the security measures. On national TV, a spokesperson defends the govt. saying the security was everywhere except the gate where this happened and that terrorist attacks cannot be stopped by a CCTV camera since the terrorists are ready to even die. What kind of a statement is that? Is this kind of behavior even expected and acceptable on national TV by one of the so called parliamentary representatives of the ordinary people? Doesn’t it simply show that to the govt., the ordinary people just don’t matter, because the govt. is clearly busy protecting their own interests and we can go to hell for all they care.

Why are our security forces still dependent, incompetent and serving the political master. Why are we still unable to have made any progress in so many blasts in recent past like German bakery case, batla house case, Banglore blasts, other Mumbai and Delhi blasts.

A 21 year lawyer-to-be who went to collect his pass for beginning his practice, who dreamt of a colorful future, died before he could even begin painting it. An 80 year old man who was fighting his grandsons case for past so many years, who did not give up visiting the court time and again even at 80, died in vain. More nameless faces suffer every single day, the relatives of the ones who died, the ones who have lost their limbs in numerous blasts like the one that happened in Delhi today, will suffer for the rest of their lives. And what’s their fault? Their fault is being an ordinary Indian who is ruled by an extraordinary bunch of educated idiots, supported by a bigger bunch of uneducated losers.

And you wish it would end here! But no it does not, because even in the hospitals, the relatives of the dead and injured are being pushed out of the compounds and emergency wards, while the big shot politicians are gladly allowed to visit them. Will they ever learn to step aside? When will they learn that not every thing is about power! Where's that tiny bit of compassion that they could have shown today by not visiting the hospitals today? When we need to be protected they leave us alone and when we want to be left alone, they will flock to us like bees do to honey!!! What will it take to drill some sense in them??? WHAT!!!

With what has happened and what is happening w.r.t terrorism, I wonder if the terrorist are really the ones outside and attacking us or the ones inside and subjecting us to these attacks by being irresponsible, insensitive, careless and casual about this over and over and over again.

Pain, agony, anger, tears, hurt, helplessness, and loss are probably just few words that we can use to define and label today's tragedy. But it’s unfortunate to know that there seems to be no end to it. My sincere condolences to the families of the ones that died and the ones who have been injured. May god give you strength to carry on and may the souls of the deceased rest in peace.

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posted by Heart'n'Soul at 2:02 AM


Well written..your post resonates my pain too! Politicians in our country are simply hungry for power and limelight.

May God be with the families of deceased and injured...

September 8, 2011 at 10:44 AM  

Thanks Nidhi, glad you like and agree!

Its sad that we r the ones who actually elected these same people to the parliament!

September 8, 2011 at 3:21 PM  

agree to most of the points, in fact - for once agree to the point made by a politician - you can not stop attacks if people are ready to die and kill themselves, yet what pains me is that we DO NOT do anything about it...with each passing day my faith in this government (if there was any) is fading away....being a soft power in world does not help, lve ur words...nip these in the bud, intelligence networks are the one which need to get more active, if they need budgets or gadgets- give it to them rather than raising the MP/MLA salaries...POTA if misused is scrapped, the same was democracy is being abused by politicos- so shud we scrap it??? the civil activists cry foul over excessive security and human right abuse in india, and they are more than happy to strip down at US airports at immigration, while enroute to deliver lectures on human rights in US, can cut the crap...
honestly- high time we took some strong steps in governance, there would be people pissed off with these, but then the larger good needs to prevail...

September 8, 2011 at 6:26 PM  

I am so glad there still are people who haven't become immune to bomb blasts as another day of heavy rain!

I have to say I have become that person n I am ashamed of myself for it.

September 8, 2011 at 11:45 PM  

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