Thursday, February 24, 2011

You, Me and Mumbai!

A truly long day, crammed with the pessimism born out of the games people play, had perched itself contentedly on my mind and there was suddenly nothing I looked forward to in tomorrow. It was a blank canvas - the one in front of me – and the one in my mind and my heart.

I was on my way back, and I saw you once again - just like I did everyday, in all your diverse avatars- incredibly stunning but never enticing enough to hold me and my thoughts. You stared back with the same alluring anticipation. But today there was something more to you. Something different, something just so... just something... and I decided to give you a chance.

I asked the cab driver to stop and got down. You watched me with your mystery laden face as I smiled and walked slowly towards you. I settled my bag on the bench, removed my shoes and climbed on the platform next to you. As I stood up and took a closer look at you, I realized what I had been missing, feeling glad to have let go of the inhibitions of being with you all alone.

You stirred a little as I gazed at you intently. With uncountable secrets hidden within, you finally seemed to smile at me. The life in that smile made me aware of the surreal backdrop of where I stood - the windswept hours of darkness, the glorious sky dazzling with the milky white grandeur of the moon and the stars swathed in the misty veil of its radiance.

Mesmerized, I stood still, admiring you - unable to take my eyes off the shimmering infinity of the silver expanse on your surface. A smile spread on my face as the wind played with my hair, kissing me tenderly and whispering in my ears the sweet salty nothings that you sent my way. You stirred a little more, engendering the half-hushed waves, of motion splashed with trembling crumbs of froth. Blended with the tranquility that knew no bounds, seeping softly in every single inch of my soul, you drenched me with your serenity and overwhelmed all my senses with your fragrance.

Thanks... Thanks a lot oh dear sea - thanks for this - for bringing peace to me where there is none and for being with me when there is no one.

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