Thursday, November 1, 2007

I broke it yet AGAIN!!

It wasnt long ago that i danced...seems like a long long time now...but it is not. At that point of time, nothing could come between me and my practice session. Not even the fear of a bomb being planted in the same building. The day the delhi blasts happaned 2 yrs back around diwali, i was in delhi metro goin for my class, one bomb blast reported just when the train left the station...my mom wanted me to come back and i said no. After a few minutes a second bomb blast was reported on TV and my mom called again...i said no again....well a replay happened a few minutes later and i still said no.. My mom called to tell me that the area where i went to attend my classes, that is the Gol Market area has been reported to have a bomb. Wt do you think i did? Well i din say no this time. Instead i called the ppl who lived nearby and confirmed the scene and told my mom no.

But looks like moms have some connection or some kinda telepathy with God...and of all the things, they stopped the metros from going fwd and i had to come back though i din wan to. Even then i stayed at the metro station for bout 15-20 minutes thinkin bout wt to do, if i shud take an auto and go or if i should just go back cuz its not just wt mum wants but also cuz tht wud be safer. I called back my group mates again n well not many ppl turned up n the class was cancelled... well god sure listens to mom and makes sure she gets her way

Must sound foolish to most ppl but thn isnt thr a very thin line b/w passion and madness. I don know n i don care cuz dance is one thing i feel most passionately about. I can leave anything and everything for it. But then life is not perfect is it? Most ppl who know me well will be sayin "look whos talkin" cuz i guess i hav trouble acceptin stuff tht i don deserve but then like all, i gotta live with it too...and i am not ashamed anymore to admit that finally i am learnin to accept it and not be an escapist. Anyway, I cant make dance my profession cuz i have a weak foot and i cant dance for more than 2-3 hours and so i clearly can not do more than a hobby class.

It hurts...n i don mean just the foot(bad joke i know!)...it hurts everytime i see one of my fellow classmates makin it big and becomin splendid stage performers. Not that i am jealous...nah...just wanna be one of them and maybe even better. I know i could be only if i wud have listened to the doc. I opened my plaster 3 days before it was supposed to be opened and well, got back to dancin without proper rest. Too much enthu dosnt always help...and so i landed in myself in a permanent foot trouble and no scope of a dancing career.

Why do i write this, well cuz i broke my foot yet AGAIN. Huh n thts soooooooo me!!!

But i will never give up on dancin....cuz even this doesnt matter. My guru n my idol Shiamak says - have feet will dance...so dance i shall. I may not dance on a stage, but dance i will. I may not become a professional, but yeah baby...i will perform for myself. I will dance for myself cuz it makes ME happy. And dance i shall cuz its me...and so dear readers, i shall be partyin saturday night with a broken foot...i guess the sexy heels will have to stay in the cupboard and i will wear the boring flats. Nevrthless, i am gonna rock the dance floor!!!
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I like that...
Was not reading that was rather kinda hearin you say those words and believe me,you talk good.

Hats off to your determination.
Would love to see you dance good but not at the cost of another writing like this...lol
afterall, i wish good for you.

November 10, 2007 at 2:24 AM  

i can totally relate to you...i LOVE dancing...i had got a hairline fracture once..and when the cast was removed i was still limping a bit..i went to this salsa party and it was such a torture for me to see the others dance while i am just sitting!!

cheers to you!

February 18, 2009 at 3:26 PM  

Your blog is so cool! I love the background!! great job with the writing too :)

November 17, 2009 at 5:24 PM  

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